For those struggling to find a home in Auckland, or anywhere else in New Zealand, building new has become an increasingly attractive option – mainly because you don’t need as large a deposit to build a new home as you do to buy a existing one. And of course you get a brand new home that will requires minimal maintenance in the short term.

With most lending institutions “owner-occupiers” a new build requires a 10 per cent deposit compared to a 20 per cent deposit to buy an existing home. Investors may require as little as 20 per cent deposit to purchase a new build, compared to a 40 per cent deposit under new loan-to-value requirements to buy an existing home.

Many buyers purchasing off Cavalier Homes┬áplans over the past couple of years have been finding their home value has increased significantly by the time the build is completed, so that’s another positive incentive to purchasing a new build from Cavalier Homes.