Lachlan Rodgers

Ballarat, Victoria

It was Lachlan Rodgers’ years of experience and eye for detail that caught the attention of Cavalier Homes Australia.

Lachlan had spent 15 years in the building industry, including four years of running his own business, when Cavalier approached him with the idea of becoming a franchisee.

“I was working for myself and doing a lot of heritage renovations and high-end building,” he said.

“They came to us and it seemed like a really interesting way of doing things, so we decided to give it a go.”

Lachlan is now using his expertise to build beautiful homes in the Ballarat area, and prides himself on the professional finishing touches on each home and the quality of the sub-contractors used during the building phase.

He said customer service is always at the front of his mind and being part of Cavalier Homes Australia enabled him to give the best possible service to his clientele.

“It’s another way for us to give our customers a great experience,” he said.

“Cavalier is there for anything we need to know – we give them a call and they get onto it straight away.”

Kumaran Naidoo & Neville Govender

Melbourne West, Victoria

For Kumaran Naidoo and Neville Govender, the choice to become franchisees for Cavalier Homes Australia was simple.

Kumaran had worked in the construction industry for a number of years and Neville had previously been a franchisee of a national restaurant, and they decided to take on two Cavalier Homes franchises – Melbourne West and Wyndham, both in Victoria.

“Neville knew all the benefits of being part of a franchise and I came from the industry – we know what works and what doesn’t work,” Kumaran said.

“You get the support that comes with a franchise and you don’t have to start from scratch – you’re buying into a system.”

Taking on two franchises may seem like a lot of work, but Kumaran said they were able to run both as one business as they were in close proximity to each other.

“We’re in massive growth corridors so it’s been great to have the support of Cavalier Homes behind us,” he said.

“There’s lots to be done when you’re first starting out, and the enjoyment is in getting it to the stage where it works well.”


Rebecca Mancini

Senior Design Consultant

‘This was not the first sales training seminar that I have attended, however I have to say it was the most ‘refreshing’. Sales trainers tend to overcomplicate the sales process, they script up what you need to say and questions you need to ask to qualify potential customers, yet sometimes the Sales consultant are so busy focusing on the script, that they actually forget to listen. This sales training session, held over 2 days was simply about listening and asking the questions based on clues that are given to you when you truly listen to your customers. The sales just flow from there. When you can provide a solution based simply on what a customer has asked for and build a relationship which them, selling is just a flow on effect. Thanks Luke and the team from Cavalier Homes for putting on a great training session’.


Meet Jason & Scott

Goulburn Valley FRANCHISEE