Dual-Occupancy & Duplex Home Designs

Cavalier Homes team can assist in design and project management for Dual Occupancy / Duplex projects given our first-hand experience with these projects.



*All floor plans, images and pictures shown on this website are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not to scale and may contain items that are examples of upgrade options which may be included at additional cost, for example (but not limited to): Panel lift garage door, front entry door, outdoor light, floor coverings, all external paving and tiling and landscaping. Images may also contain items not supplied by Cavalier Homes including all furniture & wall hangings. No allowance has been made for any council regulations or estate requirements. It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that the house will fit on their land and that all applicable council regulations and estate requirements are met. None of the information provided on this website forms part of any contract with Cavalier Homes and you should not rely upon any information contained on this website in deciding whether to enter into any contract with Cavalier Homes.

Multiple properties on a single plot of land will typically strengthen your equity.

Creating subdivisions and constructing multiple low upkeep residences uncovers a wide range of money-making possibilities including:

  • Renting each property out to enjoy multiple income streams.
  • Sell each property outright for a significant lump sum return.
  • Live in one property and sell the other.
  • Live in one property and rent the other out to help pay off your mortgage sooner.

Whether it be your design or ours we can help you work through the best floor plan to suit your block together with council restrictions that may affect your land. There can be numerous infrastructure requirements/levies and other items with services to your block and we can assist you with these service providers.

Dual Occupancy or Duplex homes can be a stressful lengthy council pre site process so it is key to have the right professionals advising you, this could be the difference between a short timeframe or perhaps years.

The building of your homes is a skill, the tight blocks / small build areas take specialist scheduling and coordination to ensure timeframes don’t amount to excessive days over the contracted days.

Cavalier Homes are engrained in the local community who use local suppliers/local sub-contractors that understand these complex projects to ensure the product exceeds your expectations in ease of operation and quality.

Give our local Franchisee a call and speak with the real local experts.

Dual Occupancy & Duplex Home Designs: Maximising Your Property’s Potential 

Unlock the Potential of Your Land with Dual Occupancy Homes 

Embark on a journey of maximising your property’s potential with dual occupancy homes. These ingenious living solutions offer a blend of privacy and proximity, perfect for families looking to keep loved ones close or savvy investors aiming to double their rental income. As leading dual occupancy builders, we understand the nuance of crafting spaces that feel both connected and individual. Our dual occupancy home designs are not just floor plans; they are the very fabric of modern living, tailored to meet the diverse needs of contemporary families. 

The beauty of dual living house plans lies in their versatility. Whether you’re catering to a growing family, looking to downsize, or stepping into the property market, these designs provide flexibility without compromising on style or comfort. And with our experienced dual living home designs team, your vision of a versatile, modern home is within reach. Duplex homes offer a unique opportunity to make the most of your land, with two separate dwellings that maintain individuality through smart design. Our duplex builder experts ensure that each home feels distinct and private, delivering a sense of ownership and independence that’s hard to match. 

Crafting Bespoke Living Experiences with Duplex Designs 

The demand for duplex home builders has risen, reflecting a shift towards intelligent, sustainable living. Duplexes are not just structures; they’re lifestyles that echo the pulse of modernity. We intertwine modern home design with practicality, ensuring that each dwelling is a masterpiece of efficiency and aesthetics. Our custom home designs go beyond the ordinary, offering a canvas for homeowners to express their style, needs, and aspirations. 

By choosing to develop a dual occupancy or duplex property, you’re not just building homes; you’re creating opportunities. The financial benefits are clear: increase your property’s value, secure a passive income, or provide a private but proximate space for extended family. But the real value lies in the customisation, the community, and the chance to create something totally unique. Why settle for one when you can have the advantages of two? Make a smart investment in your future with a design that grows with you, adapts to your needs, and reflects the pinnacle of modern home design. 

A Future-Proof Investment in Dual Occupancy and Duplex Living 

Step into the future with a property that promises growth – both in value and lifestyle. Our approach to dual occupancy and duplex living combines innovation with intuition, reflecting the dynamic nature of Australian families and investors. Partner with us, your trusted duplex home builders, and watch as we transform your land into a dual dwelling delight that stands the test of time. Whether you’re looking to create a harmonious multi-generational home or establish a robust investment strategy, our custom home designs are your key to unlocking the door to a future of possibilities. Choose smart, live smart, and invest smart with a dual occupancy or duplex home today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes dual occupancy homes from standard residential properties?

Dual occupancy homes are the epitome of efficient land use, offering two separate living spaces on a single title. This design marvel allows homeowners to maximise their property’s value by providing the option to inhabit one unit while renting out the other, or to comfortably accommodate extended family without sacrificing privacy or independence. 

What is the difference between Dual Occupancy and Duplex properties?

Dual occupancy refers to the development of two dwellings on a single block of land that can be either attached or detached. This set-up allows homeowners to have two separate living spaces, which can be beneficial for families looking for a close yet independent living arrangement for relatives, or for those looking to maximise their investment by living in one property and renting out or selling the other. Dual occupancies can come in various forms, including one house behind the other, or side by side. The flexibility of design is one of the key characteristics of dual occupancy homes. These are often pursued by those looking to develop a property for the first time, as many suburban lots can accommodate such a development.  


A duplex property is a single residential building divided into two dwellings that share a common central wall. Unlike dual occupancies, duplexes are always attached and often mirror each other in layout. They are a popular choice for property owners looking to build a simple and cost-effective dual living solution. The design is symmetrical, and each side is a mirror image of the other, which can sometimes simplify the construction process and reduce costs. 

How can working with specialised dual occupancy builders benefit my project?

Collaborating with builders who specialise in dual occupancy projects ensures that you are partnering with experts who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities these builds present. They bring a wealth of experience in navigating planning laws, optimising design for the best use of space, and delivering a finished product that aligns with both investment and lifestyle goals.

Are dual occupancy home designs customisable to my personal needs and preferences?

Absolutely! Dual occupancy home designs are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They are a starting point for customisation, allowing you to tailor each unit to your specific requirements, whether you’re after a child-friendly zone, an age-friendly space, or a home that reflects your personal aesthetic. The flexibility of design ensures that your dual occupancy home resonates with your way of living. 

What are the typical features included in dual living house plans?

Dual living house plans are crafted with the foresight of accommodating two distinct households under one roof. Typical features include separate entrances, private open spaces, and often individual garages. Internally, sound insulation, modern kitchens, and flexible living spaces are common, all designed to ensure comfort and a sense of home for all occupants. 

Can duplex designs be both modern and functional?

Duplex designs have evolved significantly to not just meet but exceed modern living expectations. They embody sleek, contemporary aesthetics without skimping on functionality. Design elements often include open plan living, state-of-the-art fixtures, and environmentally sustainable features, all balanced with the practicalities of everyday life in mind. 

What are the financial implications of investing in a duplex home?

Investing in a duplex home can be a financially astute move. It can provide the opportunity for dual income streams if both units are rented out, or the chance to live in one unit while offsetting mortgage costs with rent from the second. It’s a tangible asset that can appreciate over time, offering a robust addition to any investment portfolio. 

How do duplex home builders ensure privacy between the two units?

Duplex home builders employ innovative design strategies to ensure privacy between units. This includes strategic placement of windows and entrances, the use of fencing and landscaping, and the incorporation of soundproofing materials. Their goal is to create a sense of individuality for each residence, making sure that the close proximity enhances rather than compromises the living experience of each household.