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  • Our recently appointed builders in their first two years are generating 15-20 sales!
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  • Marketing Campaigns are Tailored to your Local Area – One of our latest campaigns
  • Sales Leads – We have current sales leads ready for you to start servicing in your local area
  • Government Builds – Enjoy our existing preferred Builder Eligibility to take on work in your local region
  • Supplier Rates – Access our extremely competitive national supplier rates to drive your profits. Check out our suppliers here
  • Plans – Access our library of over 170 plans to start the sales conversations
  • Support – We are simply a friendly professional extension to your business to assist wherever needed!

If you are looking to drive your business to 15 plus homes per year – look no further than Cavalier Homes!

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Cavalier Homes franchises set out to provide independent builders a platform to compete against the big corporates in their local region.

We do this by building a national brand our local franchisees can stand behind. With a huge library of designs, combined with the support from our in house marketing team and systems team to make it easy for our builders to sell and build homes.

We believe in empowering licensed builders like you to soar to new heights in the construction industry. As a licensed builder, you already possess the skills and expertise needed to build exceptional homes, and we are here to provide the perfect platform for your success. 


First and foremost, you are a registered builder with enough home warranty insurance to build 5-10 homes in the first year. Your expertise is the backbone of our community, and we trust in your abilities to deliver quality homes that stand the test of time.

We offer the lowest industry royalties and costs, ensuring that your hard-earned money stays where it belongs – with you. Supplier rates are passed back to you, maximising your profitability. Our dynamic head office team is always here to support your business endeavours, and you’ll be part of a supportive community of like-minded builders.

We understand the importance of freedom in business. We give you the freedom to innovate, create, and succeed while providing a safety net of support. Our brand is constantly evolving to stay fresh and modern, reflecting the cutting-edge work you do.


House Sales

We work with you to generate local sales leads in your area. This is accomplished through our multi-channel marketing strategy. Our customer relationship manager keeps you informed about the progress of your leads at any stage of their buying journey.

To support our franchisees in maximising building opportunities in various market segments across each region, we continuously review and update our house plans and release new ones as needed.

We Can Offer You
  • Yes! We Generate Sales Leads for You
  • Large Mapped Regions
  • Included Annual Sales Training & Mentoring
  • Included House & Land Listings on


Our comprehensive systems implementation comprises of various software solutions such as estimating and purchasing software, a house siting tool, a customer relationship management platform, and other tools to streamline your business.

Our Systems team offers training from the outset for all of our programs, in addition to providing IT equipment and support to ensure smooth operations.

We Can Offer You
  • Our Estimating System Fully Loaded with over 100 BOQ’s
  • Ongoing Operating Support for all Our Systems
  • Our Master Plans are all NCC 2022 Compliant & Drawn in both PDF & Autocad
  • Computer Included with all our Systems Pre-loaded


Our internal Marketing team offers you complete support in expanding your business and promoting our brand within your region. We achieve this by conducting national and regional marketing campaigns through various channels such as TV, print, and digital.

To stay ahead of our competitors, we are continuously developing and refining our branding and marketing strategy to ensure our brand remains current and engaging.

We Can Offer You
  • Marketing Campaigns Tailored to your Local Area
  • Annual National Forums
  • Day to Day Support from Our Internal Marketing Team
  • National & Local Marketing Assets created for Franchisees to Promote
  • Monthly Reports on Marketing Results


At Cavalier Homes, we have established robust partnerships with our supplier network.

Through these alliances, we are able to obtain high-quality products at competitive prices, enjoy discounted rates on display homes, and receive exceptional warranty and service. Supplier rebates are paid back to you!

To see who our key business partners are, visit our supplier page.

We Can Offer You
  • State Supplier Deals to Access Competitive Pricing
  • Supplier Rebates are Paid Back to You – not the Franchisor

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