Can I build if my land is in a bushfire prone area?

Cavalier Homes can advise you on how best to achieve this. We will consider your design by looking at the appropriate bushfire attack level (BAL) and then apply the construction methods most appropriate to meet your needs. Some sites will be assessed on paper, while other, high risk sites will require a site visit.

Can I meet the builder?

Surprisingly, many companies don’t have a registered builder that you can easily meet.  You’d want to meet a tradesperson before they carry out any work on your place, wouldn’t you? At Cavalier Homes our builders are local like you and are happy to meet with you.

Can I modify a new home plan?

Yes, our new home designs at Cavalier Homes are flexible and can be modified. However, with our large range of pre-designed custom options most of our customers find we already have a pre-drawn solution for them, that has been designed with cost effectiveness, form and function in mind.

Can I view my new home whilst it’s being built?

Seeing your new home come together is exciting. Visiting your home during construction can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Site visits can be arranged through Cavalier Homes in a way that ensures your safety and those people working on your home.

Do I need a section 32 or the developer’s guidelines?

When you purchased your block of land, you should have been provided with a Section 32 which is a legal document detailing the terms and conditions relating to the land block. You are required to provide this document to Cavalier Homes, along with any special requirements stated by the Developer for your land.

Has Cavalier Homes won any awards?

We take pride in our workmanship and we’re not afraid to line up against competitors and have our quality or designs compared. Cavalier Homes have won many awards throughout all of Australia & New Zealand.

How can I become a Cavalier Homes franchise?

Owning a Cavalier Homes franchise can be exciting and rewarding. We pride ourselves in appointing only the very best local builders available. If you believe that you are the very best then we’d love to speak with you.