Our story begins when Scott, Jason, and Dale bought the Cavalier Homes brand from the original owners. This was the first step on the journey of creating a platform that brand new franchisees would excel in and be proud to be part of.

Cavalier Homes plays a pivotal role in supporting smaller builders within their respective communities to expand their market presence and to continue contributing to local construction. Leveraging the insight of local builders, the business model is crafted on the foundation of the trio’s achievements as builders and franchisees, aiming to empower independent builders to compete effectively against larger corporations.

At present, the company is experiencing robust growth, with new franchisees joining the network who embody the ethos of excellence in craftsmanship, a commitment to their community, and a shared belief in the company’s core values. The collective vision of fostering great builders and fostering a sense of community resonates strongly among our new franchisees. 

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