Building a new house is an exciting time! You are able to select each element in your house to turn it into a home. But the big question is, how do you know what you have chosen from samples in our Design Centre will achieve the design style you are after in your new home?

We are here to help; we will arm you with all the information you need to ensure you can be confident with your colour selections. So, let’s start with you

Here at Cavalier Homes, we pride ourselves on building quality homes that you will love for years to come and because of this we only use suppliers that share these values. polytec is our choice for cabinetry. Why polytec? Firstly, they are Australian Made and Owned, which means their products are high quality. All polytec products are fully custom made, meaning you won’t have to settle with cabinetry that isn’t quite right for your home. Also, polytec offer a 7-year warranty on their products, so you can rest easy knowing your cabinetry will last.

polytec Blossom White, Matt finish base cupboards and  4 sets of 3 pot drawers. polytec Cosentino Beech, Woodmatt finish to overhead cupboards, including over fridge cavity. polytec Cosentino Beech, Woodmatt kickers.

Let’s dive in!

Pick your layout

The first and the most important step with your cabinetry is the layout. For your kitchen it is important to think about the “working triangle” and how this will affect your layout. For example, you will want to ensure your pot drawers are close to the oven and stove top for easy use.

Where will your other appliances go, do you want them on show, or will they be hidden away in an appliance cupboard or the pantry? If you are wanting an appliance cupboard, think about the type of door you may want, such as foldable or slidable doors. Thinking about this early in your home build will also allow you to include the right power points for these items. As no one wants to have to move around a heavy mixer every time it needs to be used.

It is also necessary to think about how you’d like to store your cups and plates. Do you like drawers or cupboards? It can be easier to access items out of drawers, but cupboards can allow for more storage.

For your bathroom cabinetry, storage is also key! No one likes to walk into a bathroom and see beauty appliances or makeup/skincare all over the bench. Think about having a bank of drawers that are wide enough for appliances such as a hairdryer. Our hot tip would be to have the drawers close to the power points. This will allow for easy day to day use, as your power points are within easy reach where you need them most and avoids cords all over your bathroom vanity.

polytec Pumice Micro, Matt finish with Tightform edged benchtop. polytec Rocco Lini, Finegrain finish base cupboards. polytec Brushed Aluminium kickers.

Select your finish

The selection of available cabinetry finishes is endless – from bright and glossy to matt timber grains and the perfect combination of solids. You may be wondering why should you select your finish before anything else? By selecting your cabinetry finish first, this determines what colours available in that range. Meaning you won’t be disappointed if the colour you have fallen in love with isn’t available in the finish you are after. It’s also very important to choose the right finish for the right application, which can be a common mistake when choosing cabinetry.

At the moment we are noticing the most popular finishes are Matt and Woodmatt. It is not surprising as these finishes look great individually and mixed together.

polytec Blanco Marquina, Matt finish, D-mould with square corners edged benchtop. polytec Antico Oak, Woodmatt finish overhead cupboards and rear & side of island bench. polytec Ferro, Matt finish base cupboards.


Pick your colour

Our Colour Consultant will guide you through our Design Centre and assist with your vision. During your colour selection appointment our highly trained Colour Consultants will provide you with a range of style ideas to assist with choosing your colour palette.

You can also browse through the wide range of colours we have on display in our local Design Centres and create your perfect colour combination. Our knowledgeable colour team are here to helping you find the perfect colour selection for your layout.

polytec Sepia Oak, Ravine wall hung double vanity.

Now time for the Style

Profiled cabinetry can create a bold and beautiful statement in your new home. The options for the style can seem endless, from a classic style of Hampton to a more contemporary style of Calcutta. The vertical lines of the Calcutta profile is seeing it become the style of choice.

When selecting a profile for your cabinetry, think about if the profile will be applied to all your cabinetry or if it will be a feature for your overhead cupboards. Using a different profile for just the overhead cupboards can create a subtle and beautiful feature for your home. We recommend using the same profile style for both the cabinetry in your Kitchen and Bathrooms, as this will keep a consistent design style throughout your home.

In our Design Centres, we have popular cabinetry examples on display as well as a large selection of polytec samples. Allowing you to mix and match products during your Colour Selection appointment to find that perfect cabinetry for your new home.


If you are ready to start your new home journey, take a look through our home designs or contact your local Cavalier Homes builder.

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